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Float Tempered Glass LED Lamp Cover

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float glass, super white glass,patterned glass,borosilicate glass


unsharp edge,smooth edge,polished edge


transparent,silk screen printing,Sandblasted


LED lamp cover,Household Appliances , Home Furnishing,and so on.

Flat glass


Flat glass is a traditional glass product. It is mainly used for doors and windows. It plays the role of light transmission, wind shielding and heat preservation. It is required to be colorless, transparent, smooth and flawless. The thickness of flat glass can be divided into 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm. The size of single glass is 300 mm *900 mm, 400 mm *1600 mm and 600 mm *2200 mm. Its visible light reflectance is about 7%, and its transmittance is between 82% and 90%.


Toughened glass


Toughened glass is also called reinforced glass. It is the use of heating to a certain temperature after rapid cooling method, or chemical methods for special treatment of glass. Its flexural strength and impact strength are 3 to 5 times higher than those of ordinary flat glass. It has good safety performance, uniform internal stress and network crack after crushing. Mainly used for doors and windows, partition walls and cabinet doors. Toughened glass is also acid and alkali resistant. The general thickness is 2-5 mm. Its size is 400 mm X900 mm and 500 mm X1200 mm.

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