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White Tempered Glass LED Lamp Cover

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Lamps are made of glass, plastic, glass, paper, plastic, dolomite, iron, copper, aluminum, shells, cloth, wood, magnets, pottery, earth, fiberglass reinforced plastics, carbon fibers, etc.

The characteristics of several commonly used materials are described below.

1. Glass: Glass lamp is a popular kind of lamp at present. Its main advantages are good transparency, high illumination and excellent high temperature resistance.

But the shortcomings of glass lamp are also obvious: mainly reflected in the relatively rigid shape, single, soot, dust fall on it is more conspicuous and relatively troublesome to clean.

2. Paper: Paper lamp is one of the most commonly used lamps in modern simple decoration and Chinese decoration. Its advantages are light weight, soft light, easy installation, easy replacement and strong cultural flavor. Its disadvantages are water fear, poor heat resistance, and some poor quality paper lamps are prone to discoloration and dust adsorption. Because of the shortcomings of soil, it is better to choose high-quality famous brand products if we choose paper lamps.

3. Plastic: Plastic lamp has many advantages, such as changeable shape, low cost, easy cleaning, rich color selection and so on. It is a popular lamp for young people at present. However, the quality of plastic lamp is not good, and some low-quality plastic lamp will produce a certain odor after being heated, which is also the biggest disadvantage of plastic lamp. Where.

4. Dolomite: Dolomite lamp is the aristocrat of the lamp. It has not only soft light and excellent texture, but also high decoration and grade, heat resistance and waterproof. However, the cost of high-quality dolomite lamp is more expensive and the requirement of installation quality is higher because of its larger self-weight.

It is necessary to choose the appropriate lighting material for different scenes.

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