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Metro Gate Mold

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Company Profile
Product details

Project Profile

Sunnymold Project: Metro gate, pedestrian barrier gate.

Mold Category:Electronic Products Molds

Product Parameters

Cabinet size: 1200 long * 280 wide * 990 high (MM)

Case Material: Domestic Standard 304 Stainless Steel

Telescopic arm length: 265mm

Maximum channel width: 900mm

Weight: 120Kg

Power supply voltage: AC220 + 10% V, 50HZ

Driving motor: DC brush motor 24V input interface:

Dry contact signal or 12V level signal or 12V pulse signal with pulse width > 100ms, driving current > 10mA normal service life: 3 million times

Communication interface: RS485 standard

LED Indicator Lamp

Card reading window

Speed: 30-40 people per minute

Gate opening and closing time: 1 second

Time required to enter traffic after power-on: 3 seconds

Automatic reset time after failure: 10 seconds

Product Advantages

All-round protection of users’ personal safety.

Metro swing automatic ticket checker has triple protection of infrared anti-clip, mechanical anti-clip and current detection anti-collision. It can sensitively detect pedestrian traffic status in the passage, prevent pedestrians from pinching and injuring pedestrians, and at the same time, prevent pedestrians from illegally breaking through customs and following through.

The core technology of intelligent and advanced pedestrian passage gate can sensitively detect illegal intrusion, reverse passage, trailing passage and other behaviors. It can alert by sound and light, and can be linked with other security systems.

The control core is strong and stable. The Metro swing adopts high-quality imported DC brushless motor and high-performance reducer from Europe. It is equipped with advanced servo control system, DSP+ARM motor control technology and precise positioning technology. It achieves precise control and stable performance, and makes the switch door fast and high speed.

Seamless compatible ticket-checking system, Metro swing automatic ticket-checking machine with super compatibility, seamless docking with ticket-checking system, complete smooth ticket-checking action.

Product Advantages

Two-way metrology function

Anti-stealing function

Display function

Data Output, Communication Function

Product Details


What are the requirements for making plastic molds?

1. Guarantee the manufacturing cycle of mold

In the manufacture of plastic molds, we should shorten the manufacturing cycle of plastic molds, so as to shorten the exposure of forming process, formulate reasonable processing procedures, formulate scientific technological standards, use equipment economically and reasonably, and strive to change single-piece production into multi-piece production, and adopt and implement "group processing technology".

2. Mold cost should be low

In order to reduce the cost of plastic molds, it is necessary to make rational use of materials, reduce the manufacturing cycle of plastic molds, and strive to improve the service life of plastic molds.

3. Guarantee the quality of molds

The plastic mold is manufactured according to the technological rules in the manufacturing and processing of plastic mold. It should be able to meet all the requirements of precision and surface quality stipulated in the design pattern of plastic mold, and produce qualified parts in batches.

4. Continuously improve the processing technology level

According to the existing conditions, we should adopt new technology, new technology and new materials as far as possible in order to improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost of the mold, so as to make the production of the mold have higher technical and economic benefits and level.

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